Tracks of God




by Jason Steinle, DC

            It was a warm and sunny day with a slight breeze coming from the ocean.       I was in charge of leading nine children on a day hike in the Santa Cruz Redwood Mountains of California.  Venturing down a winding trail we came to a water crossing spotted with animal tracks.  “A deer was here!” I announced to the group as I pointed to the deer tracks left in the soft mud.    Further down I noticed rabbit tracks and announced, “A rabbit was here.”   I explained to the entire group how each animal left its own unique tracks and marks behind.  A little boy named Matt pointed to a series of bird tracks along the bank.  “Very good Matt,” I said. “A bird was here.”   After identifying the tracks of squirrels, deer, rabbits, birds, and raccoons we continued to hike to a clearing at the top of a hill.  From the clearing an incredible view spread out before us.  Proud, tall redwood trees lined the hills and valley walls.   Below, the lush valley floor gave rise to healthy fields of strawberries and palm trees swaying gracefully in the breeze.  Beyond the green fields were sandy beaches full of seashells and smooth rocks.  Waves from the magnificent Pacific Ocean were crashing gently upon the sand. Overhead the clear sky was dotted with white clouds and speckled with circling seagulls.  Sitting in silence for several minutes Matt pointed out to the breathtaking scene below and said.  “God was here! You can tell by the beautiful tracks he left behind.”   I smiled at Matt’s insight.  A little girl named Val then picked up a leaf with a caterpillar on it and proudly said, “And God is here!  You can tell by the beautiful tracks he is making!”

            Val had just shed light upon a great truth.  “God is here!  You can tell by the beautiful tracks he is making!”  Every day you and I can experience God’s presence if we recognize the “tracks” he is making.  Just like a skilled sportsman can recognize countless signs of game that the novice will simply overlook, we can see the “tracks of God” in a friend’s smile, in the rising sun, in the crawl of a baby, in the strut of an elk, in the healing of a cut, in the grace of a crane, in the handshake of a co-worker, in the opening of a flower, and in the embrace of a spouse.  The “tracks of God” surround us and permeate us in infinite ways.  As we recognize and experience the “tracks of God” we see the miracle of everyday life.

            Look around right now and pick out three “tracks of God.”  By doing this simple practice daily life shifts from a lonely drama to a meaningful and sacred journey


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