by Jason Steinle, DC


“Just open the Yellow Pages and it’s full of places where you and I can go to nip, tuck, tan, botox, and bleach,“ 36-year-old Amanda told me. “The irony is when I think back to the people who’ve really made an impression on my life, I don’t remember so much what they looked like, but rather how I felt when I was around them.”


Like Amanda, have you ever wondered, “Why are there certain people you just can’t wait to see or take a call from, whereas others you dodge and let their calls go straight to voice mail?” 


I’ve observed that the most popular people I meet are those who are also the most generous. From internationally known authors, musicians, and business leaders to our own hometown heroes, they all seem to live by the creed that you can have anything in this world you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.


Take 81-year-old Eleanor Riter of Evergreen. If she’s not around town taking care of children at the daycare or writing letters to friends, she may be on a mission trip to Australia, Turkey, or Mexico. Eleanor is so liked that her pastor once commented, “If the Pope and Eleanor were on stage, people may ask, ‘Who’s that man up there with Eleanor?’” 


Why is Eleanor so admired? Because she is genuinely interested in other people.  She shares a part of herself and her experience with each person she meets.


Recently, I asked a radio show guest the secret to his popularity and business success.  “It’s an old saying,” he said, “but I’ll tell it to you, because if you figure this out quicker than slower you’re going to make a much better life.”


“You will accomplish more in the next two months developing a sincere interest in two people than you will accomplish in the next two years trying to get two people interested in you.”


“Quit selling yourself and learn how to like and help other people. You want raving fans, you become a raving fan of another person. That’s where you’ll make a difference.”


Want to make a difference and be remembered? Close the Yellow Pages and open your life to other people.


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Jason C. Steinle is a chiropractor at Health and Harmony, PC in Evergreen, CO,  the host of The Steinle Show talk radio and television programs, and author of Upload Experience: Quarterlife Solutions which is available at  www.amazon.com, To learn more visit www.uploadexperience.com